Welcome to Bambu-u

image of 4 bamboos

Bambu-u is a specialty nursery located in Chimacum, Washington, offering bamboos and hardy tropical effect plants for adventurous gardeners. We offer 147 species of bamboo which includes temperate bamboos which range from dwarf bamboo to timber bamboo and extreamly hardy clumping bamboo from the Himalayas some are hardy to-20 f. We also have a good number of American bamboos most of which are clumping, the exception being the only bamboo native to the United States, Arundinaria gigantea.

In addition to the already cold proven Musa basjoo, our hardy banana selection includes the very promising Musa sikkimensis a banana from the Himalayas new to cultivation that may prove as hardy. For a complete selection of the hardy tropical looking plants visit our other web site www.hardytropicals.com. Besides Eucalyptus hardy to below 0 f, we carry palms, gingers, cannas, phormiums, and grasses for the bold tropical effect in temperate gardens. We strive to test the unusual and offer as complete selection of complementary plants as possible.

At about 700 feet above sea level on the Olympic peninsula, most winters we experience temperatures below 10 f for at least a few nights with temperatures not above freezing during the day; sometimes this will last a week or more. These extremes may occur with no previous frost providing a good laboratory to grow plants at the edge of their margins of survivability.

Your feedback is welcome. Address your query on the contact page; be kind enough to give details on your growing conditions both summer and winter.




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Chimacum, WA